First of all — welcome. You found my “About Page.” You are officially in the deep woods of the internet. Few have traveled this far and returned sane.

I’m sure you are happy about that.

The Crypto Papers is a series focusing on the fast evolving cryptocurrency space and money related matters — usually. It tries to get at the core of this “movement” more than the math of it.

All too often the information in the cryptosphere is slanted, highly technical and missing the human element. And boring. Full of FOMO, as they say.

My idea is to spice it up for you. Condense some of it. Why? Because I’m sure you have better things to do and you are just here for a bit of info.

I’m going give you bit of everything about crypto. The hype. The prognostications. The new and the old. The highs and lows.

I hope you enjoy.

And I do not apologize in advance for those I will undoubtedly insult. Any responses by you I am allowed to publish, I most certainly will — unless it’s spam. (Not the kind of spam you eat.)

I’m all about free speech and contrary to what the PC crowd says, you should allow everyone to speak their mind. Absent threats of violence (not hatred necessarily) the foul mouth sometimes gets things done. It ain’t pretty, but it’s better than the alternative.

This blog also assumes you have a basic understanding of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and so on.


Jack Shorebird


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