The Crypto Papers

Common sense reviews about cryptocurrencies and related issues

The Crypto Papers is a new series focusing on the world of the fast evolving cryptocurrency space.

It is an attempt to take crypto-snapshots in time, cut to the chase and dig through the bull. To give the reader a generalized mental picture of the past, present and potential future of the technology — from the perspective of the man on the street.

Why? Because the media and the mouthpieces of our minders, do not give us the the raw focus. Instead, they ask you to read between the lines. Here, I try to avoid that. I only ask that you think about it and know that I’d like to add some really spicy words, but my free speech is limited by this website and the government.

Areas covered will include, but not be limited to: cryptocurrencies, markets, laws, court cases, and international perspectives.

I hope you will enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

But remember it’s just one American’s view.


Jack Shorebird


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Note: Jack Garroter Shorebird is a Pen Name. Shorebird blogs from Florida, in the United States.