The Most Notorious and Persistent Scam in the History of Cryptocurrencies?

Dear Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts,

Few scams, since Ponzi, have netted as much money as Bytecoin. Surely, by now, millions of dollars (or rubles) have been skimmed from the users of Bytecoin. It is, in all likelihood, one for the “criminal” history books and no doubt it will be researched and written about for years to come.

I submit that greed keeps them coming back and that greed will lead to their capture. They can’t stop. Recent talk of exit schemes are, in my mind, ill informed. These charlatans will continue to sell their crypto for as long as the money train rolls on.

And I am certain somewhere on this Earth there are people who know them. The Bytecoin people are secretive but they will screw up. They will talk in their sleep. The coffee shop or tea house where they meet, will become suspicious. That man down the street, who watches. That weird phone call at three in the morning. The delivery woman. The pool guy. All are watching, listening. They all know.

How much money can they make, if they tell? Could a bounty be offered?

The clock is ticking. The Tell-Tale Heart beats.

The fact that the recent Binance fiasco once again put the Bytecoin clan in the limelight, is nothing concerning. Money can buy them posts and press. It can buy them time, sock puppets and booze. It can fool the fools for a time. It can make the exchanges money. Until the fools get smart…and angry.

Alas, the mountain of lies grows unmanageable. The fictional meetings and the pumping schemes are there for all to see. The question is not if Bytecoin will fail, but when? And the follow-up question is, who will catch these charlatans when they try again?

You will. You can stop them now by refusing to participate. By boycotting the coin and killing it. By finding and exposing any connections between Binance and Bytecoin.

The fact that Binance, originally a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, hides their web location (according to scamadviser) is troubling and obvious. Investors beware? And why would a company move to Malta? Should not the recent Bytecoin pump at Binance and the corresponding inflation bug in the Bytecoin code be investigated by disinterested parties to clear the air? Why would Binance wish their reputation tarnished, yet again? Unless…they don’t care.

Here are a few quotes I obtained from the net. They are regarding such topics as Bytecoin, Zcash and Binance. They might refresh your memory and save your money.

It’s always good to know what well respected crypto personalities are saying, if only to remind ourselves…

“…the original Bytecoin scammers…share with Zcash the record of having pushed out an unsafe and not-ready-for-prime-time system as a money grab…”

Smooth (July 28, 2018)

“…Bytecoin is run by a highly disingenuous team…”

BDRatings (June 21, 2018)

(Also from BDRatings: “Bytecoin — Puppets among Us” on Medium)

“…Bytecoin has been demonstrated to not only be a bunch [of]…scammers with a hidden premine but also incompetent… Along with the lack of RingCT, unoptimzied code, no LMDB for years…”

Smooth (June 19, 2018)

“…Maybe the 82% [Bytecoin] premine[d]…
How much of that do you think they’ve been able to dump?

I lost [a lot] of respect for Binance when they listed this scamcoin.”

Hueristic (May 29, 2018)


“…[The above] chart is a fraud (as well as the wikipedia page…who delete any accurate information about the history), all part of the campaign to legitimize Bytecoin and hide the history of the faked blockchain and 80% hidden premine.

Anything prior to late 2013 or early 2014 (which includes the original claimed Bytecoin launch date as well as the paladincoin and buddhacoin forks, is phony.

…be aware that this is one of the most notorious and persistent scams in the history of cryptocurrencies…”

Smooth (April 23, 2018)

“…This coin has already been exploited in the past…”

Bitcoin for Beginners (May 15, 2018)

“…Bytecoin (BCN) is currently being accused of coordinating a sophisticated scam aimed at fraudulently inflating their own price…”

Kai Morris (May 10, 2018)

“…Bytecoin is connected somewhat to…ChainRadar, Changelly, CoinTelegraph, Fairproof, Freewallet, HitBTC, and MinerGate.”

Jamie Holmes (February 16, 2018)

If none of this bothers you, please use Binance and Bytecoin. But be advised, if you haven’t been following along, you’ve been had.


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