Stellar (XLM) May Crash

You say no?

Stellar Lumens, lesser known as “XLM” has stepped into the God (Allah) zone of late and this could be its undoing, unless, like President Trump — a retraction comes along. Reddit has been abuzz with congratulatory remarks and rebuttals about a Sharia Law certification posted on here. Suffice to say, it’s polarized.

But it’s not about Sharia Law as much as it is about the way announced it. I mean, let’s face it, does anyone really care if a bunch of Imams in one place, put their stamp of approval on Stellar? Probably not. It’s not on your list of things to care about, right?

Maybe you should care about what just happened if you own Lumens. If you hold XLM, maybe you should short the hell out of it. That part about IBM isn’t so great. These joiners to the XLM network will get hammered if Allah has his say.

Oh naughty usurers. You should be spanked or stoned in a public square.

You might be a usurer (under Sharia) if you lend money and charge too much interest, as decided by Imams. I mean, why would you borrow money at a high interest rate in the first place? Does it make you stupid? Maybe you have no credit…I get it. So you have no choice but to borrow at a high rate as opposed to not borrowing at all.

Welcome to Sharia Law, Allah based law, Koran Law, and Muslim Law. They now impose, upon you, the borrower, the legal obligation not to be a usurer (but child marriage is okay). It would be like a Bishop or a Priest coming into the bank in San Francisco, in his (or her) long robe — with underclothes — don’t get any ideas, smack his Bible on the nearest desk and demand that they follow what the Bible says…about ususers. It’s in there too. Banks and credit card companies, they are all bad sayeth King James. But he’s dead now. So, you can freaking relax. But The Prophet Muhammad is always with us, sort of like Jesus, if you are into that sort of thing. They never die, really, or so I’m told.

Can you see that though? The Bank Manager calling the cops and having the unruly minister removed for calling the bank a usurer and demanding that the bank follow Christian or even Jewish Laws. Maybe schooling the backward minister about the Separation of Church and State (in the U.S. at least). Kindly reminding a wayward Pastor that he/she has no authority in a free country — to order people around. They have that little pesky thing called choice in freer countries. Try Saudi Arabia or Iran. I hear Imams are feared in Iran. I guess it’s a happy place there. No government protests at all. So very Sharia peaceful, like ISIS and their batch of drugged-out wackos.

Now to the Imam and his (do they have any Girlmams yet?) Koran of Orders. His Sharia Law words of wisdom — centuries old wisdom. Dated words from a bygone era. Not even that. Old ideas that, at least in America, we have set aside for the faithful to argue about — endlessly — while the rest of us get on with our lives. These veritable Sharia Law makers, who everyone agrees with (that’s a joke) are in love with Stellar. So much so they certify and cement their love with pretty words on some document somewhere. (I’m assuming.) And posts it on their website. Not a smart move, Forrest Gump. Stupid is as stupid does, right?

Maybe I’m the last free-thinker here, but if you think it’s a good thing, you deserve everything Jed McCaleb has touched. And if you’ve done your eDonkey homework (copyright issues — was shut down) and haven’t been MtGox’d (he created that one and sold it and it was a poop-storm) — and you own Lumens, good luck Comrade.

Seriously, I’m waiting for Stellar to collapse in grand fashion. For some ‘Jed history’ to repeat.

Will it be today? Probably not, but I can always hope.


Your Friend,

Jack Shorebird





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