Western Union Dropping Ripple, XRP?

Let reality shine in…for a moment…

Reports are surfacing that Western Union is not impressed with Ripple‘s xCurrent service. Converting Mexican Pesos/U.S. Dollars, less than a dozen times, didn’t save them money.

The Ripple xCurrent protocol does not use a distributed ledger or XRP’s. Okay.

If, as suggested, Western Union could achieve a 50% savings using Ripple’s XRP based service called xRapid, why wouldn’t they?

Privacy and scalability, we are told. It isn’t there, with xRapid. The xRapid protocol uses a shared ledger, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and XRP’s. It’s not a solution for Western Union.

Would it be for anyone?

Western Union is currently larger than MoneyGram by capitalization. But MoneyGram has partnered with Walmart and is testing Ripple’s products. Recently, however, MoneyGram was downgraded by Zacks.

Interesting. But…is there more to this unfolding story, that Ripple does not comprehend?

Banco Santander seems to be the one to watch. Income of over two billion dollars as of March 2018. They are mum about their Ripple strategies, thus far. Why?

Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA). They are customers? An alleged authority that derives its power from ‘royalty.’ A central bank…like the FED? And there are other Middle Eastern Customers. Why?

Still, the apparent admission that there are awaited solutions at Ripple…begs a response. The continued silence, speaks volumes. Does Ripple have a soul or a backbone or is it just about money? Any money from anywhere? How are royal subjects in the Middle East better than any free individual wishing to keep their wealth a private matter.

Where is the philosophical bedrock?

In the meantime, make sure to profit from your rulers…using Ripple XRP’s…and at some point, put your digital fortune (wealth) beyond the reach of man and Gods.

Neither have any business under your mattress or browsing your ledger.


Western Union



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