Review of “The Crypto Weekly” and Jackson Palmer (NOT)

Dear Readers,

There’s no time like the present!

While we wait for the cryptocurrencies to make up their minds, you might want re-educate yourself. When these markets begin to move again, hopefully in an upward fashion, it would be a good thing if you have made up your mind about which altcoin you want to invest in or remain invested in or sell, before it tanks again.

In this vein, I recently found a reviewer who seems to give you the overall picture and who is also pretty in tune with cryptocurrencies. His name is Jackson Palmer. As always, don’t take anybody’s word for it, but do pick out the gems this guy is offering for free.

After just a few listens, I was shocked at the depth of the problems facing the crypto-world today and it amazes me that so many altcoins are still kicking at all. Certainly, it would behoove all of us to better understand the cryptocurrency process and that is why I offer Mr. Palmer for your perusal, if you are serious about learning and understanding and hopefully, beating the the street. Sure, the markets are driven by emotion and when fear strikes, crypto’s dive like hell. So, it would be a good idea to figure out which crypto’s have the most ‘fear potential.’

As you view his videos you can learn things like why Ethereum has serious problems, why IOTA also has issues, his take on Ripple and Stellar and so on. These are his opinions and thus far, the only concern I have is that one of his videos indicated the Jed McCaleb created the Ripple protocol. This is not exactly the case. Reading a bit of history on this matter you will find that McCaleb was certainly the main mover, but others actually put the package together. So it’s a bit of semantics. Jed certainly deserves most of the credit. At any rate, I forgive Palmer’s compressed history here.

At times, it appears a if Mr. Palmer is taking sides as well. Mentioning recently, for example, that Ripple just gave 29 million dollars worth of XRP’s to schools as a publicity stunt. Maybe it was more of a tax write-off. In any case, wondering why Ripple did not simply give cash seems to be off the mark. Why not give XRP’s? It makes far more business sense, that’s why. It seems that Mr. Palmer tends to miss those points. And sure, it does help advertising, but that’s not illegal and a lot of people like it when you support schools.

And a while back I had invested in IOTA. Near its launch, which is always a good time. After more than tripling my money I got nervous. I knuckled down again and conducted more research. I re-loaded their wallet software, tested it over and over. Read their material again. Watched their videos. All the while, IOTA was rocketing. Then their software started to have issues. They only had one exchange on board at the time. When I asked questions on their forums, I received rude responses from the developers. I sold my IOTA soon after and never bought it again. Since then, IOTA has barely risen to past highs. I even wrote about this experience previously, as a warning to others.

What is curious about Mr. Palmer’s recent review of IOTA it that he gives you an overall sense why it might tank. Like Bitcoin’s 51% attack problem, IOTA has a 33% attack vector. Pretty concerning. IOTA did not use “off the shelf” protocols but apparently created their own untested versions. According to Palmer, this is bad business and after being reviewed by MIT, IOTA had to patch their system.

Again, is “off the shelf” better than “new?” You be the judge.

At any rate, here is Jackson Palmer’s Youtube Channel. Enjoy.


Jack Shorebird

Update: June 2, 2018

After checking into Palmer’s recent vids I have unsubscribed. I now question his ‘critical thinking’ ability overall. He supports UBI — Universal Basic Income. Essentially, this is a rob Peter to pay Paul scheme. Taking income (wealth) from producers to give to non-producers. A parasite system. A socialist system.

I recommend you not subscribe to his videos.






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