The ESP-RV-Spot Price Report on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple

In keeping with the day of the year called April Fools, I have endeavored to employ a Clif High type of Strategy of what I call “ESP Markets of Excellence.” It’s superior to the Webbot technology.

Using my heretofore unknown Remote Viewing capacity, which apparently anyone can master, I will issue a series of predictions beginning now.

For information on Remote Viewing, please see Russell Targ and the CIA’s Stargate Files.

Experiment #1: Bitcoin

Remote writing tomorrow’s bitcoin price using a pen (black ink). One second to quiet mind.

RV1 - Copy

Result: Based on the above, I think bitcoin will either be $8,162, $7,162 or perhaps $2,162 — dollars – on April 2, 2018.

Experiment #2: Ethereum

Remote writing tomorrow’s Ethereum price using a pen (black ink). Two second allowance for mind quieting, but high-speed writing.

RV2 - Copy

Result: Based on the above graphic, on April 2, 2018, Ethereum will be valued at $406.04.

Experiment #3: Ripple

Remote writing tomorrow’s Ripple’s price using a pen (red ink). No time limit or mind quieting techniques, left handed, eyes closed. (I’m right handed.)

RV3 - Copy

Result: By April 2, 2018, Ripple will have the value of either $48.71. I would err two decimal places to the left: 48.71 cents each.

Please note: Remote Viewing is not an exact pseudoscience. Accuracy can be very high or non-existent. However, the Remote Viewing techniques used did not employ the use of mind altering chemicals.

No animals were harmed during these experiments.



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