The Non-Blockchain Hedera Hashgraph ICO “SAFT” Tokens — (with UPDATE of June 2, 2018)

Well, we finally got the news thanks to Jeff Kauflin at Forbes – in his great article about Hashgraph, minutes ago.

Is it an investment? A coin? What’s the price? How many altcoins will they “create?”

We’ve been hearing about Hashgraph over these past months, some of us a bit longer.

It’s a competitor to bitcoin and the blockchain and promises far faster transaction times and/or volume, without using a blockchain.

It’s called a DAG or directed acyclic graph.

You can read more about on their new website here.

Suffice to say…it does not appear to be “open source” and you will need to be an accredited investor to buy into the “SAFT” pre-sale opening soon…

Perhaps Hedera Hashgraph can snag some wind from the sails of the more decentralized, but less professional, cryptocurrencies.

The upshot is that this system will be governed by a “global governing council” from blue chip companies – 39 in all. Currently, these companies are not named. Care to speculate?

It also remains to be seen how the new Hedera Hashgraph will cooperate with governments to provide them “with the oversight necessary” and what that entails.

To state that the process is decentralized, does not wash when it is compared to things like bitcoin.

On the other hand, it may give Ripple and similar – a run for the money.

June 2, 2018: Update

New information is slowly leaking out that Hashgraph may have critical flaws and is highly centralized. Thus far the sources for this information are iffy.

This connection ( is NOT SECURE. But it alleges vulnerabilities.

Again, this is about the only bad news I’ve discovered.



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