Clif High: Ideas Unmasked, Not the Man; and March 2018 Alta Report — Blockchain Highlights

This is an Open Letter to Commenters. You know who you are. And I suspect, I know who you are.

Seeing the Future (Hint: You Can’t)

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have come across Clif High. He sells predictive reports – what might happen in the future. Most people can determine if Clif’s reports are nonsense or not. We can judge his videos.

Clif is a regular on YouTube. He gives interviews and interrogates others regarding their cryptocurrency projects. So, although I may disagree with Clif’s ideas, and label those as fiction, he is not the focus of my investigation. I’m not after the individual. I’m after his ideas. Or some lack of them, anyway.

Redaction, Redaction

I blog about Clif’s ideas occasionally and have had to go back and redact the comments made by others. Some of them get rather nasty. I’ve even edited my own blogs to try to keep it as neutral as possible. After all, free speech is one thing, but intentionally or unintentionally aiding others to discredit Clif as a man, is not my intention here.

Be Critical, Not Personal

We are not living in a free world, where we can disparage others for the fun of it. Even if every bit of it is true.

I probably should not call my neighbor a stalker, say he has criminal records, drinks too much and looks like he will kick the bucket soon. Why? Because my neighbor might hire a lawyer and sue my ass off. He might say I ruined his life, destroyed his marriage, made his dog sick, caused the moon to “hollow” and tore up his mail – his Alta Report.

Worst of all, I should not post my neighbor’s name all over the internet. That’s his job.

So, let us not disparage the character, but the content of Clif’s mind – if I may borrow and reverse the phrase from Martin Luther King, Jr. (American Civil Rights Leader.)

I simply want to discredit his ideas. That, at least in my country, is still allowed. I understand that in some countries, like Canada, they censor things like hate speech. So, the battleground itself, becomes the very right to speak at all. You can get into hot Canadian water if you disparage groups.

For example…in Canada:

Section 319 prescribes penalties from a fine to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years for anyone who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace. (Source: Wikipedia)

Pretty vague huh? Anyone can apply it. How does one incite hatred?

By saying anything that others may not like. Your words become time bombs. Stating, gesturing, dancing, flirting, or even silly walking could become suspect.

Full of It (Fiction, I mean)

I say Clif’s ideas are often full of fiction. Am I inciting hatred against Canadians then? No. Could my statements lead to a breach of the peace? Sure. Just take a walk in downtown Orlando, Florida – near me – in a bad neighborhood. Flip off a passing car off. Now sit back and wait for the breach of the peace. Better yet, tell a French-Canadian that Quebec is not a separate country. Riots in the making. (That’s a joke.)

I have disparaged many eastern religions – and their philosophies in my blogs. I wrote about Clif’s ideas. Buddhists. I Ching-ers. And I certainly did not incite love. But, I’m not after the people, only their propaganda. I even called the Alta Report – Clif High’s Webbot Special – fiction. I dare say that a good comedian could use them as “one liners.”

But, someone keeps commenting on my blogs about Clif. The response seems rather canned and almost identical each time. Not funny. This gives me the impression that this person does not like Clif or is planting an anonymous word “time bomb” on my blog.

Why? Controversy? As evidence that I like to scandalize people’s lives? To entice me to dig deeper? I have, but I will not publish it. In fact, any reference a commenter makes regarding legal names, addresses, emails, past employment and so on, I will not post. In general, I may make fun of Canadians, but they started it.

Sure, I might “read” your responses, Mr. Truth or Patience, but from now on – for my own freedom and yours – I will have to delete them. That is, if I feel your responses are attacking the person, rather than the inane ideas dripping from Clif’s sandalwood scented ‘stash. (Is that personal? Okay – humor is excepted.)

Privacy is a big thing these days. I respect that. If Clif High is a pseudonym, so be it. I’m not after the man – or his name. Additionally, if he breaks any laws in his neck of the woods, I’m sure the local authorities can handle it – and if he violates laws in other countries, there is always extradition. For now, Clif is free to roam the internet, gather his views, suck in advertising dollars and Woo-Woo the unsuspecting.

Latest Alta Report Review (Highlights)

Here’s a video review of the latest Alta Report. Bring out your foil hats and here we go!

  • Beware of unrest, blue lights in the ocean, turncoats (?) with the “temporal marker” as “blue”
  • Whistle-Blowers will arise within Social Media companies, about censorship
  • Look for an equity drop around April 25, 2018(?) and a crypto boost; trust in crypto?
  • Church issues arise. Healing machines (hidden technology) upsets fundamentalists who then attack hospitals; these “terrorists” are later caught
  • A disturbing scientific schism will develop; maybe around climate change — cooling not heating
  • Social media will attempt to induce a cultural shift via algorithm(s); they will also play a part in earthquake detection(?) and assist the “Deep State”
  • As it relates to earthquakes, the North Pole will be of interest — something up there
  • A new social order is being created from the “old boys network”
  • Extreme freezing events/crop destruction
  • Deep State Organs in US, will be examined(?) for their cost/necessity (FBI?)
  • Whole countries will begin to finance themselves with blockchain tech?
  • Use hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies (old news)
  • Use of cryptocurrency for medical records (old news)
  • Use of cryptocurrency to combat fraud in the metals equity industry; no more 250 notes to claim the same ounce of silver — which will boost values — reflect the real supply and not an artificially inflated one
  • Not a good time to be a “bank”
  • Blockchain will be used for payroll as well as used for payment systems
  • Legacy corporations will attempt to “buy” the cryptocurrency companies to maintain dominance (Lawsuits follow)
  • Some blockchain/cryptocurrency companies become multinational mammoths
  • Bitcoin to test $38,008 this year (April through July) or $28,008 or $64,000 or $100,000 (Seriously?)
  • The 38,008 is also a “temporal marker” for a revolution in the banking system
  • Runaway fiat (government) money inflation fears are realized (Could happen)
  • Ethereum hits upward streak from March onward with new businesses/models
  • Litecoin will be on par with Ethereum, not price-wise (Huh?)
  • Competition from EOS and OmiseGo (No kidding?)
  • Governments will create sovereign tokens of their own; accounting problems will plague them; the public will lose confidence and governments will label crypto as “out of control”
  • “Out of Control” is another “temporal marker” which helps to confirm this Alta Report?
  • “AI” will start by taking over the soft tasks; and grow, but will “never” take over the world

Now we sit back and wait for the aliens. Did you hear that?




Your Pal,

Jack Shorebird


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