Clif High: Energy, Auras, Inter-Dimensional Entities, and Bitcoin!

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If you don’t know Clif High by now – and you follow cryptocurrencies – I’d be surprised. The thing is, if you try to obtain any recent stuff, without purchasing one of his reports, it is becoming more and more difficult. There are numerous ‘name droppers’ out there who use his name or play older versions of his videos. Even audio clips are fair game. It becomes confusing.

What ever you think of “Clif” as a man, is your own business. His views, Eastern Religious slant, steeped in the stagnant views of the cultures of failure, Buddhism, Gnosticism, I Ching-ism, etc., are well expressed…

But his alleged combination of the scientific method, his blending of math and magic, witches and warlocks, without validating the math (in a public forum) is at best disingenuous. At worst? You decide.

I am of the opinion, that Clif is akin to a Palm Reader.

This is what Clif High does. And really, it’s not much different than what an astrologer does, except we know they are full of it, don’t we? We hope they, guys like Clif or the Palm Reader down the street, might have some special insight, and that is the weakness they prey upon – that all to human thing we call “hope.”

I just wanted to take a little time to “log” a few more of Clif’s words of wisdom for future fun and comparison. Many see Clif as a future seer. A new age psychic. They trust him like you might trust a pastor or a father figure, albeit, a father with some rather radical ideas and zero evidence, empirical or otherwise. In other words, Clif’s predictions, as far as I have been able to discover, are and have always been unsubstantiated.

I went over this video from January 19, 2018. It was a discussion about several topics. But I pulled out a sampling for readers. This is not a transcript. It is a selection of topics. It may help you understand or just confuse you. Two women astrologer types ask Clif a series of questions. What follows is a blur of beliefs. (I will put my comments in parentheses.)

To set the stage.

Clif spoke of spiritual wars (my label), reincarnation, answered questions about sorcerers, and mentioned that in the past, shaman had been targeted for elimination by European powers around the time of the Spanish Conquistadors. He also spoke of people who channel, time, and many other things, including cryptocurrencies.

Here are my selections. In my estimation, one’s thoughts ought to be integrated, but you may feel that contradictory, conspiratorial and even unverifiable beliefs are sacrosanct. In any case, one should know the man, before making cryptocurrency investments – based upon his prognostications.

War, Energy and Cycles

Clif was asked about a war. Not a traditional one, but perhaps a spiritual one. His answers seemed to slip into several areas, so I nut-shelled them herein. They may seem a bit disjointed. Remember, we are in the Woo-Woo world now. Fasten your logic. Suspend all belief, before proceeding.

Clif High indicated…

There has been a shift, people are feeling…there is a craziness in response to these feelings.

We are in a higher level “energy” space Clif said. He explained this energy by referencing what the Russians indicated in 1984, about an energy envelope around our solar system – a cosmic energy – that alters us and our environment. (No source is given.)

This energy and cyclical patterns, such as planetary shifts, depending upon the “spiral relative to earth” … “behind the sun” contributes to a giant energy change. A major cycle, Clif advised, was the 425-year cycle, with a 125-year duration. (No source provided.) And we’ve already “transitioned” [into this duration?] and the “Age of Aquarius has meaning” because of this. In other words, it has a “core” meaning, because of this energy.

(I’m sure you got that, right? Let’s move on.)

To further describe, Clif said that…

…in 1994, we obtained new energies in the form of a “new type of UV ray.”

That UV rays are of type A, B, C, and D now. And D type is rare, with the only recorded reading beginning around 2006 – on the earth’s surface. (Like Wikipedia says – citation needed.)

Clif advised that we are caught within a conflict of energies. That our antennas are receiving these energies as individuals and groups, and then we ‘express’ these energies, but “harmony” is missing on the planet. (What kind of harmony? Blank out.)

Clif spoke of an astrologer who indicated that his (Clif’s) chart (shall we assume his astrological chart?)  indicated that he was…

…“born a warrior.”

Clif feels the “war impulses.” That the war in question, has been going on for a long time, but it’s now at a “consciousness level.” A hearts and minds battle that can be seen in things like the media and the alternative media, and that the latter is replacing the former.

(Does this mean fantasy is replacing reality? What media is being replaced? And by what alt-media? Blank out.)

Clif advised, as an example, that YouTube is thought to be a male dominated media space. The space was used by about 80% males, but that is changing. (Source?) That this is one of the expressions in this larger war. That in ancient times, when elephants were used to fight wars, in the future – due to this increasing energy – we will be shooting energy rays at each other, instead. That this is a progression to the war of consciousness or perhaps between them.

The war of consciousness was again explored. Clif referenced a banned Ted Talk, but he couldn’t recall the details. He said that the powers-that-be have corrected or edited what can be let into our consciousness – as the accepted view of reality. This has been going on for about 500 years.  We are about 425 years into this cycle as the two-major planets circle to our side of the sun. When this happens, major upheavals occur. We are 75 years overdue for a major “social revolution” and a lot of “dangerous thoughts” are breaking out on YouTube.

Inter-Dimensional Beings and Channeling

When asked about the ability of humans to see inter-dimensional beings, perhaps with a sensitivity to the newly discovered UV rays, (remember the “D” ones) Clif explained that “no” it did not work that way. But these beings do exist, according to Clif. They exist in “multiple” forms. Some can be photographed, such as the “strange worms” that fly in the upper atmosphere. These appear to hover over military bases and look down on nuclear bombs and stuff. The assumption is that these worms are “life forms.” (Assumption? Source?)

As for “channeling,” Clif said that there are basically two kinds. One is fraudulent, encountered at times when psychiatrists attempt to hypnotize. This is because the mind will give you any answer. Any answer to get you “off its back,” so to speak. It is similar to extremely enhanced imagination.

The next kind of “channeling” (more legitimate as implied by Clif) relates to meditation, which is the removal of the “discriminating mind” from the process. In other words, the thinking mind is set aside for the “reactive mind,” that you can then respond. A partial use of the mind. In this kind of channeling, you give over a part of yourself – not your soul – but you are not in total control. You move part of yourself from your personality in this process. The personality then supplies the energy to another “entity form” that then supplies the “information.”

(I’m not going to repeat that.)

To further explain, as per Clif, good channeling diverts from meditation at a “very key level.”

In “pure” meditative states, you never surrender the “self.”

The idea or purpose in a meditative state is to examine the self, correct its flaws, model it, and similar. You dive into the self. Whereas, with the “channeling form” or good version, you get it [the self] out of the way and it’s “just not there.”

With the good channeling form, un-reconciled, un-harmonious thoughts, that are out in the universe as “waves” can have enough power to be able to drain or attach themselves like a limpet to the mind, that has moved the self “out of there.” The channeling person then receives information from outside of him or herself.

With this kind of channeling, when you connect with this other entity, you have no idea what the other entity “is.” This entity will tell you things, using what it finds in your mind, letting you hear what you want to hear. The entity does this – channels – by using your “life energy.” (Do we give the entity permission to energy suck?)

At some point in his life, when he was “doing aikido” and when he was “extremely sensitive to the auras,” Clif witnessed “channels.” Clif said, as these people channeled, he saw their “strange” auras as they “dampened down” and went to one side of their head. On the other side of their heads, “threads” extended outward and above, into a “foggy area.” The bigger the witnessing audience, the more energy the entity can gather for the process.

The “entities” are desperate to give you what you want to continue the process.

At the time when Clif witnessed this channel, he was sensitive to it, to auras and such, but he was in control of his self (his “I”). He advised that he was only there as an observer – and he was freaked out by it.

Clif said that he has witnessed this latter form of channeling twice. Once by a multimillionaire (or at least a person who used to be wealthy) but he did not identify the second person.

Bashar. Spelling unknown. This name was mentioned several times in passing. Apparently, this Bashar channels and if you are sensitive to it, and if under some forms of fluorescent lighting, you can see evidence of this process.

Channeling can be dangerous.

The person who channels will “pay the price” in their next life. The price being the inability to tell the difference between “reality and unreality” in that next life. They will be twisted, mentally deficient kinds of people, i.e., schizophrenics. There is a lot of information from the yogis, which supports his “understanding” of this process, Clif advised.

Time and Reincarnation

As to “time” we do in this life, refer to it in a linear fashion, Clif advised. “Perhaps” time can be better defined as a loop, because “within time we know that there are many cycles.” These cycles coordinate, lump together and similar. (Great!) Within this time-loop construct, as Clif understands the cosmology/reality of it, he is but 1/12th of 1/3rd of his “greater being.” There are five more beings (bodies), that may or may not look like his body, when they “incarnate.” These other beings, share his current “I-ness.” There are also six female bodies that share his/the “I-ness.”

The routine, as it applies to the pre-incarnates, is a male then female incarnation in “series.”

Going back to time, Clif explained that this loop of time makes the idea of before and after an inappropriate description. Depending upon what part of the loop you or your incarnate occupy, as the loop runs (my understanding) you may be recycling in a time – re-looping.

Clif also indicated that there is a “long rest” period between your heaven and your hell. The more energetic you are in your life, it is thought, the longer the rest is. And those who do not get enough of this pre-incarnate rest, can end up insane. This also explains why high-energy people will “betray” that they have an affinity for a time in the past. In other words, they were resting longer and that was their previous time loop period – as I understand it.

Regression Reading Theory and Coaching

Regression to 500 years or even 3000 years in the weird time-loop, also explains this long rest idea, Clif advised. For example, during regression research, people may give bogus information, but information from the last correct time-loop period, in which they lived. This explains why some might report that they were Cleopatra in a past (time-looped) life, when they may have simply lived in that period as a common citizen.

Both the psychic and participant during a “reading” (regression process), can be described as “antennas,” Clif advised. Each is a “standing wave.” In other words, they are not solid, really. The balanced and sensitive psychic, via induction, due to his/her proximity to the participant, picks up the broadcasting/receiving from the participant. Psychics induce a sympathetic ripple to see what is going on inside the participant’s standing wave. Although the “reading” may be 100% valid, the source is unknown. Whether it emanated from the participant’s mind or was expressing some “temporal peg to what’s going on.” Hence, questioning is a good idea, but discounting the reading’s impressions are not necessary.

As a standing wave, however, we are not necessarily in-tuned to our own interpretations. (Unclear.) A psychic’s mind might receive “temporal peg” impressions, like the type of clothing a person was wearing in a past life.

Speaking in Tongues

Clif advised that “speaking in tongues” could be a sign of mental health problems. He refers to it as the first kind of channeling and that it is false or invalid, if it is deliberate. Often these “snake handler” types induce a fugue-like state, but it does not necessarily involve a connection to the entities, previously indicated.

The Standing Wave Antenna User Manual

Some psychics use a Daoist-like (or Tao) system to read people. This is similar to sampling the zeitgeist at a given moment. In the Dao, the Dao that can be named, it is not the Dao, Clif advised. Or the pulse that can be named, is not the pulse. Once one says or identifies the “pulse” it has already happened many times over.

This kind of “awareness sampling” is using our standing wave antennas, taking a snap shot of “it” at that moment, as a representative sample – of where the rest of the universe is – and seeing how those vibrations are then influencing our standing wave antenna. This is an extremely valid way to guide yourself through reality, Clif said.

The Chinese formalized this system in the “I Ching,” and things like the divination sticks. Other societies would “gut” chickens and read the entrails. These are attempts to read the “pulse” that is left on reality, Clif advised. Using these readings, as our brains are pattern matching machines, people would then forecast the future.

In a sense, this is what Clif says he does. He samples the zeitgeist using different languages. In a psychic’s process, if they can keep their standing wave antenna properly aligned (my explanation), readings might be more accurate than Clif’s (webbot?) process. But only if the psychic can filter out “the mind” which will try to answer the questions posed and trick the psychic. As a way to ‘tune in,’ sometimes the psychic will need to coach the mind to relax, to let go and not answer questions, to just be there, that one can hear the “pinging of the universe.” This is really where our “psychic envelope” exists.

Not as we see

Our bodies are not as we see them. We are layered egg-shaped energy fields. The key, is to tune yourself to reach out to your own fields and feel the other energies coming in. In this way, a psychic, may sense the evil (my word) energies coming from others and actually have a physical/emotional (fear) response.


The Gnostics were trying to say, and Clif agrees with them, based on reviewing evidence, that the Archons are real. They are easy, usually, to defeat and have to do with the war, mentioned previously. Think of them as the dark side of the force, Clif advised.

Clif indicated that the killing of a Gnostic leader (Hypatia) in ancient Greece, is directly related to bad things happening thousands of years later. He spoke of the destruction of the Knights Templar, by the Roman Catholic Church and the King of France. The Inquisition then, began since the Templars were out of the way.

Later, when Gnostics in Southern France were reincarnated, they recalled this battle against them. They may not have had the “knowledge” of past lives, but the viewpoint goes from life to life to life. As an example, Clif advised that in his next life, he will still be the same old bastard.

However, Clif does foresee that for the next few thousand years, we will subdue the Archons. Then things recycle, and they, the darkling ones, will subdue the good.

Turning People

There was an interesting discussion about how the Japanese, during war, turned enemy spies into weapons against their former masters. That this was considered the best weapon of all.

The Truth

Clif also advised that holding to the truth (that was the truth) was also a great weapon. (Make sense?)

The universe provides what we need to struggle against; the challenges that we need. We may not necessarily want those challenges. You can even ignore these challenges, but eventually, even if in a future life, you will have to accept and deal with them.

Sexual Intercourse and Pedophiles and other Conspiracies

It is possible, that during sexual intercourse, a bidirectional energy exchanges occurs. That this process – exchange – builds one’s energy. The exchange energy transmits through the vagus nerve system and other parts of the body, except the adrenals.

Why is this important? The pedophiles of course! Because those pedophiles want to extract youth/longevity energy from unwilling participants. They attack/dominate children to accomplish this. In a pedophile’s mind, after puberty, those youth energies and the post-pubescent persons themselves, are less susceptible to theft or extraction of their “energies.” After puberty, certain key forces (vibrations) – energies – do change, according to Clif.

The pedophile thinks he/she can harvest the adrenal (maybe he meant pineal) glands of children(?) and make this into a drug, that may be taken intramuscularly. They are attempting to obtain a portion of the “distilled universe” in the form of adrenal gland extract(?) – and get something out of it.

(The above appears to be based on a conspiracy theory. See this video for more. If this has any truth, however, it is disturbing. Thus far, I have found zero validation, however – so don’t sweat it.)

Clif advised that there is an addiction side to this issue and if you research Satanism, for example, you will find the underlying idea of an energy transfer. An energy vampire etc. Drinking blood? CEO’s from corporations transfusing blood from children? (Come on. Where’s the source Clif? Just one.)

The implication here, is that the system (powers-that-be) is just now coming to grips with the reality of all of this and it will take years to get the word out. Clif gave an example of Prince “Chucky” who had a life-long friend who was a necrophile. The implication, Clif implied, was that the prince might also be involved. And that the English have not reconciled this problem. The House of Windsor will fall? (No sources given. Careful Clif, you might piss-off a Royal.)

Clif goes onto hint that Obama’s $64,000 pizza parties were related to pizza gate? That Oprah Winfrey knew? (Careful, Cliffy.)

Zen’s Lenses

Examining the “I-ness” in a Zen State, where nothing else exists. As you head in this path it makes you question things. The universe makes us as we are, Clif indicated, bringing us into existence at a particular time and place, under stars, aligned to prescribe our characteristics., i.e., astrology.

In Clif’s case, he was brought into this universe as a warrior, in a time of warriors – at the height of wars. That’s why he spent nearly two decades in the military. (That’s what he implied.)

The best that Clif can do, even in times of peace, is to harmonize with the universe – as it designed him. To become the best warrior he can, at every level. (His words.) That we are essentially universe tools. That “universe” (not ‘the universe’) has a task in mind?

Cryptocurrency Related

Bitcoin, after it is mined out, will still have things like Rootstock. Fees can still be collected via running smart contracts and therefore support the network. Bitcoin becomes scarcer at that point, but it also becomes more of a known factor.

Moving on.

Litecoin, will reach approximately 1/5th of a bitcoin in value. It will be used for point of sale and Amazon might use it as well. No dates/times given.

Pillar, will have an unknown price point, but it will become the primary wallet to compete against. March 2018 is good?

Populous, is a strategic hold. Passive income. Years in the future, holders may be like “trust fund kids.”

Ethereum will continue its up and down pattern. Competing against bitcoin and because of its niche, it’s against EOS – the Ethereum killer. It will also have to contend with Rootstock.

Monero and Cloakcoin are showing up in Clif’s reports in small numbers – bits of chatter.

Sidenote: The use of cryptocurrency in any large way, by drug cartels and such, would spike their prices – bitcoin at millions per coin. It would be difficult to use cryptocurrency in this way.


Attention EconomyClif mentions “Metcalf,” but he was uncertain of the name. Compares cryptocurrency or interest in it, as a self-driving force or growing attention economy. A positive feed back loop and not a tulip bubble, for example.

Hydrogenated Water – Clif says it gives you energy, but magnesium additives leave residues. The hydrogenated water does not alter the taste, he said.

Shampoo and Deodorant – Clif says he doesn’t use either. But he does use natural sandalwood soaps…and they are “harmonious.”

The Chemtrail Conspiracy – Someone has to be paying for them. The military has become very subcontractor dependent. During the recent government shutdown, Clif posited that these contractors might be exposed, if payment for their services did not arrive. The implication was that the government is paying for the services.

On 9/11/2001 – when the terrorists knocked down the Twin Towers – everyone should have been aware that the chemtrail spraying stopped. (Planes were grounded.)

About four days after planes were once again allowed to fly (in the US) after 9/11, the chemtrails reappeared. This, according to Clif, validates the conspiracy. (Source? None.)

Thinking and Destiny – Clif mentions a book titled Thinking and Destiny. He explained that some of the ideas he discussed herein, are from that book. He gives a short synopsis of the book in the video, about Doers and Thinkers and how this process of learning is carried over during reincarnation. (Note: some fiction authors read this book.)

Alcohol – Drinking as opposed to using marijuana, opens one up to Archonic (evil) forces. The translation of the Arabic word for alcohol, for example, is ghoul, Clif stated. To decompress, one should use one of the seven plant teachers. Clif gave an example: THC. Clif said he tried to drink when he was in his 40’s but it messed with his vibrations.

And that is all for now. I hope you enjoyed this version of reality with Clif.

Be careful where you get your cryptocurrency information.










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  1. Richard Lathwell aka Clif High was an [Redacted] and still [Redacted]. He belonged to a biker gang in Alberta in his youth. He told me this himself using the name of William Lawson when I initially met him in 2007/08. He has a huge ego and cannot keep his mouth shut when he’s trying to be impressive.

    He was one of the developers of GPS. In his Lathwell persona he confided this to me.

    In his Clif High persona he once advertised on his half-past-human site for someone to assist him in developing the Android Ap. I was disappointed to find when I got my unhackable Blackberry phone that it was using the Android Ap.

    Does this give a little insight into the person we are speaking about here?


  2. Thank you. I used to follow clif’s reports religiously. Now, I treat them as seriously as I would treat a thriller or sci if film. Entertaining, some grains of truth- but overall, for entertainment purposes only


  3. Why do you care so much?



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