Bytecoin Wins, Electroneum Needs Work or Vice Versa?

Unable - Copy

Unable to update balance? Why?

Sometimes you have to really “use” the software to get a good feel for it.

After using Electroneum’s web wallet several times, I had enough. Life is too short for me to sit and stare, as my balance updates over and over. As the spinning circles spin. Not to mention having to click and re-click and start over — when trying to transfer ETN’s.

El - Copy

Enough. Please stop the spinners…

Maybe Electroneum will iron out their kinks and maybe all will be well and maybe it’ll blow past Bytecoin, but not now. Maybe never.

To compare…

I have experimented, over the years, with Bytecoin software wallets. You know the kind. You download them, sync them, wait forever and go from there. I have not used the new web based Bytecoin wallets, so I have no reference there.

For all the allegations against them — and I have brought up a few — one thing was certain: Bytecoin wallets always worked. Never, did I have trouble with them. Not once.

And yes, I’ve seen and read a lot of complaints about the long sync times. But I tell you, from one cryptohead to another, I’ve installed the Bytecoin wallets on many a machine and they always worked.

I’ve been more partial to Monero and even Aeon over the years, but you know what? I had trouble with their systems. They worked, but they were not geared for mass adoption. They are getting better, however.

What does this mean?

It means, that although I might have some indigestion about Bytecoin’s past, if I just need to send some crypto fast and be certain it arrives or is received, I can trust Bytecoin to deliver. I can trust Monero as well. Aeon too.

As for Electroneum? ETN’s. I’m done with them — for now.

After their recently flawed grand opening, their paper wallet holding-pattern, then their web wallet that is slower than a crippled dinosaur?

No thanks. Been their done that.

I’ve waited long enough.

I’ve had my fill of bad service, slow service — even if it works. And the Electroneum online wallet does work. It’s kind of hinky, a bit unprofessional and…did I mention…slow? It’s worse than watching my grass grow.

It will not surprise me if ETN’s learn about gravity very soon. If they moon, and I really can’t imagine they will, it will certainly not be based on their great web wallet.

Watch out for the hype and the marketing.

I wish you well, ETN, but I’m off for greener pastures. For speedy wallets and real privacy.

This is my opinion of course, so don’t take it personally.




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