In case you are not aware, Monero, via Reddit has just issued the following:

“…investigating the unusually high number of complaints of theft on MyMonero over the last week. The majority…of theft on MyMonero are related to phishing sites or malware, but there was an uptick in reports and Reddit posts towards the end of last week.

…we are actively investigating…and will update everyone as soon as we’re done. In order to ensure that we don’t miss anything, we are working with the good folk at MWR InfoSecurity.

It would be greatly appreciated if people can be redirected to emailing instead of posting things up on Reddit, otherwise it’s difficult to keep track of everything.”

Link to MyMonero.

If you have a balance there, I recommend you check it.

I’m sure that the Monero folks don’t want everyone to panic, but I would expect a pull back in the price now.



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