Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin (BTC) Speculation

Dear Cryptocurrency Investors,

Just a few more pieces of news and speculation. It’s dated information, but curious, in light of the the recent Cardano (ADA) run up.

Don’t take it too seriously.

First, the speculation:

Bitcoin might to pull back then rebound to about the $60,000 mark. Or crash to $1000. It’s all over the internet.

Here’s one source.

Secondly, Ripples could hit $9.00 each.

I can’t find the source on this one, but more conservative predictions indicate a $2.00 price range. (Source.)

Third, if you want a good (but a bit racy) bit of business education about cryptocurrency and some of the problems facing developers today, try this video.

It’s long, but speaks to liquidity, custody and regulatory issues.

It might also give you some insights into Ripple’s (XRP) direction.

Some apparently feel that XRP’s will be offered by Coinbase in January 2018. If so, this is big news.



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