Clif High: “Fact or Fiction?” You be the Judge…

Updated: November 7, 2017

Hello, Crypto Enthusiasts. Thanks for stopping by.

As usual, I’ve been scanning the net for the scoops. Watching the crypto-markets for the fizz and pop. And here’s the latest curiosity I’ve managed to dig up from the fin-tech ether.

Actually, I’ve been listening in to this chap for a while. Hey, I’m open minded, but skeptical.

And mind you, the people (person) I may cite herein may not have one of the cleanest resumes, but damned if he doesn’t get your spaz juices flowing.

I’ve interviewed thousands of people over my former law enforcement career and this guy just strikes me as Mr. Fiction.

The personality I speak of is Clif High. And he’s a bit of a — how can I say this nicely — an unusual chap? But I’m not one for killing the messenger. Actually, he is way past unusual and often his predictions are way off the mark.

And yet, he has a following.

When you listen to his interviews, few people seem to ask him the hard questions. And I often wonder how he would respond to them if they did try to pin him down.

That’s why I’ve been chomping at the bit. Kind of mulling this whole thing over for months. Trying to align my belief in a gold backed (silver backed) monetary system with the alleged future facts (and ideas) Clif High is constantly bringing to the table.

Clif’s detractors are all over the spectrum, but many are simply fuming. It’s okay, if Palm Readers can obtain occupational licenses, so can Clif.

Years of $600 an ounce silver predictions, that have never materialized. Will it? Could it? I think it could — if the US went back on the silver standard or if, as Clif indicates, newly discovered applications drive the prices.

But I can’t really do it justice and I do not work for Clif. Don’t know him from Adam, as it were. Yet, the guy is able to explain, in words and ideas — in a few seconds — in a way that resonates with the listener.

  • Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) may, within the next 10 to 20 years, undo thousands of years of stagnant and centralized money control
  • This new world of crpyto can serve as a shot-in-the-arm for economies, for wealth, technological development and so on

But his often oblique remarks to explain why this is, are rather wanting.

For example, why can bitcoin (or any particular cryptocurrency) succeed?

Here’s what Clif indicated:

  • The U.S. split from Great Britain when about 3% of the people wanted it (Where’s the evidence?)
  • Only about 1% or less of people, now want bitcoin or cryptocurrency (Arguable.)
  • If this margin reaches 10%, the governments of the world, which are always behind the times, will be unable to stop it. (Why?)

That, the iron is heating up and you may be able to make some serious cash, if you invest soon. That’s my crypto-take, but be careful of the pumpers.

These are very positive statements in a lot of ways, in my book. But based on zero facts, unless one considers a Webbot and ESP as factual. The Woo-Woo to be real.

Why does Clif seem to ignore the implications of the PBoC (People’s Bank of China)? They have been waffling for years, but recently they’ve turned over an accusatory leaf. Crypto is a financial threat, they say.

But the Chinese Government cannot be trusted. Can any government? Each new day brings a new policy. And yet Clif advises China will be the home of BTC by the 2020’s. (Boy, was he way off the mark here! At least for now.)

The suggestion here, and not only from me, is that Clif High or who ever he is wrong. Has been, repeatedly — regarding his predictions.

If you check Google Trends you will see that Clif’s popularity peaked in June of 2017. And the Canadians like him best of all, with the US a close second. I wonder if that was about the time Clif “decided” not to make his own videos?

So we listen.

  • Anti-gravity forklifts. They are coming.
  • Turkey will unleash a global financial meltdown, very soon. (Waiting on that.)
  • Major earthquakes were suppose to have diverted rivers in North America and precipitated nuclear meltdowns in August of 2017. (???)
  • Hollow-moon assertions. (Where’s the evidence?)

And we trust that just maybe Clif is onto something about crypto’s?

Maybe, if you buy his reports, you’ll make millions. Many have chimed in on that one. Made money, based upon Clif’s Webbot predictions, with cryptocurrencies.

Maybe his Webbot was garbled by bad data like he said, which is why he currently focuses on cryptocurrency and not a wider set of data, except economic stuff.

As far as I can see, his “predictions” have raised eyebrows for several years now. But are his prognostications simply too general? Like any psychic’s?

Certainly, Clif is more assertive than Nostradamus. He gives better dates anyway.

And his alleged Webbot? It’s not “open source.” We can’t have it inspected.

And yes, there are other experiments like the Webbot, predictive markets, and the wisdom of the crowd ideas. Estimations based upon predictions are akin to gambling, however. It is not like a life insurance actuarial table predicting deaths per thousand, based on past data. Even Google Trends are “trends” and not predictions.

Clif talks about silver prices skyrocketing — for a time — constantly. As I have mentioned. This is not something new. Given the devaluation of fiat currencies worldwide, this scenario is possible, but is it probable? Could anyone with the ability to read and understand basic economics, also make this observation?

Gold is just sort of okay, as far I can judge by Clif’s statements. However, he’s not too enthusiastic about it.

New tech that will create matter from energy is only a few years away, Clif implies. So why mine gold or silver in say, 15 years — anyway? If we will be able to manufacture gold and silver with relative ease, why invest in any metal? At least in the short term.

Potential limited nuclear wars are on the horizon. Really? Is anyone not worried that North Korea or some other rogue nation might push the button?

But by and large, the outlook is very positive, in Clif’s assessments? Really?

How can anyone be happy about earthquakes, nuclear bombs, market crashes and hollow-moons? One cannot.

Clif has apparently spoken about of Cloakcoin. You decide why.

Please — you be the judge. Give this guy a listen. Tell me that he does not, in some weird way, make you very positive about the future of our world and at the same time, make you feel that hell is about to be unleashed.

I think the reports are about $100.00 (US) each now. There are complaints about those too.

Here’s a recent talk. It’s long — a YouTube interview with Clif.

The Interview.

Here’s a rebuttal video. It’s a bit abrasive.




(Click here for more of Clif High’s “Theories”)

Note: I have come into possession a copy of the January 2017 ALTA report. I have reviewed it. If my copy is legit, other than several estimated dates when BTC would rise in value to certain target levels and it did, I don’t find any specific predictions that have come to pass. There are numerous future predictions that I will keep an eye on.

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45 replies

  1. This bias article is garbage. All you did was rant about skepticism about Clif and offer NO EVIDENCE on ANYTHING you accused him of? How can you even write? Are you mentally handicap? This was such a waste of my time. You’re an idiot and I now pray for a cursing and the waste of time you just caused my life…..


  2. I just don’t get Clif High. Why do people feel the need to pay him money to tell them that cryptocurrencies are going up when they could just buy them? I’ve seen so many of his predictions that haven’t worked out and he makes videos with some dubious people that have a bad reputation. Whenever someone quotes bits from his reports, it sounds vague and not something I would find useful for trading. I can’t understand why David Icke is so popular either, he’s another one that doesn’t seem to have any idea what the future holds but makes a good living procrastinating about it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hows the research going?


    • That you Richard or I meant Cliff? Kind of anxious to find out what’s coming out about you aren’t you?

      All will be revealed, never fear. Hack into any satellites in Nunavut lately?


  4. I’ve been following his public work for a couple of years now, but I have never bought an Alta Report or invested in Cryptos (for better or worse). His work in cryptos seem to have increased his popularity and his street cred ten fold. Or six fold as the price of his reports has gone up accordingly.

    His recent successes in cryptos have more more suspicious than anything. I have started to become suspicious that he might be an asset for someone such as a government agency or crypto developer. Just started doing some research into this aspect.


  5. Look back in the past few years. CH has been predicting all sort of things..from the wild to the mundane. Anyone with a thinking brain will be able to see that the specific predictions have not come true whereas the general ones have.

    He will always have supporters who aren’t able to discern the ‘signs of the time’ but then again, it’s always been like that. People always look upto someone charismatic who can mince words.


  6. I have been taking Vaughter C60 in olive oil for over 2 years now on and off (you don’t need to take it full time as it stays in your system.) It is good if you are about to do a workout helps you workout easier. It is not a miracle effect you can feel like Sarah says you really won’t know the benefit until much later in life. Sarah Vaughter is the original producer of this product….. I am disappointed to see it be marketed and its claims/price being pushed over the top as I see of late to people who have no idea.
    I am also new to Clif Highs work with my interest in Crytos and I am investing in silver but I am quite disappointed in the way Clif High pushes stuff. I was going to buy his report and am feeling doubtful to now spend that kind of money ends up being AUD $140 for me. If I am to prepare for the coming GFC collapse which many are talking about not just Clif High, throwing away on a report not a good idea but doing your own research on what cryptos to invest is. I am curious though and so if anyone wants to go shares in his report I would be interested. Not sure how this would work but just a thought!


    • Thanks for your comment. If you read through the responses here, you will see that some find little merit in Clif’s reports. They are confusing and vague, I have heard. I have an older one someone sent me and I concur. It leaves so much room for doubt, it even makes Nostradamus seem clear by comparison.


    • I recently ordered the Vaughter C60–not looking miracles….I’m becoming much more wary of all these reports that are predicting the future. I think you’re money is better spent on buying some silver or a small gold coin–or simply getting out of any debts that you can. There is tons of info to be had and after two years of following financial and geo-political news I could just as easily sell some snake oil info if I had the moxy. For the people who want info to get rich quick–it’s always a gamble. Some win, some don’t.


  7. Hey Jack! Thanks for taking the time to judge CH’s practices with an open mind. I have to admit I have fallen for his banter in my bored moments. Much of it is compelling. He does push products and maybe he should be more up front about that. I am quite interested in C-60 which I of course learned about from CH. Vaughter Wellness claims to be the first producer and have called out CH as a fraud backing the fraudulent Purple c-60. Sarah Westall who I quite like is all over the Purple Power now too. Thanks again for your insight and your fair responses to these various comments. Any insight on c-60 btw?


  8. I just bought his latest report “the soaring twenties”. I wished I could understand what he’s talking about. But everything is so vague that this report is far from being useful. He writes in a manner that anything can happen but nothing will for sure. You are bette off if you invest your 100 bucks in cryptos.


  9. “Please — you be the judge. Give this guy a listen. Tell me that he does not, in some weird way, make you very positive about the future of our world and at the same time, make you feel that hell is about to be unleashed.”

    ^^^^^^ Exactly lol


  10. All i gotta say hater will only hate.. I think his reports on spot on…. but
    I guess you would have to actually purchase the reports to know.. i guess you guys are too cheap to do that.


    • I keep hearing that and I sorta like the guy, but nobody ever provides any verification. I won’t spend a dime on his reports until someone can show me the proof. Others have purchased his reports and trashed them. Say it’s garbage/nonsense.

      I don’t hate him, I just question his alleged reliance on this ESP system — this “leakage” as he states it. Very weak.

      And to date, nobody has provided any evidence that this Webbot actually exists or has made a single accurate prediction.

      Perhaps it’s all “Woo-Woo,” as Clif is fond of saying.


    • Finally, someone who actually reads Clif’s Reports! His Jan 2017 Alta report enabled me to get in at $700! Now I have 10 Antminer S9’s running off solar power and massive S9 hash power at Hashnest. Made $100,00 on Hashnest PacMic v5 by lending BTC at $700 and getting paid back in BTC at $7000 at this point! I am sure he is right about silver too, but silver is unable to move right now. When it does, it will have a lot of catching up to do! I feel like Goldman Sachs, tomorrows newspaper today!


  11. Total ——. I suspect Google Trends comprises the majority of his toolbox for making predictions. I dare say he has built some software (as could anyone of millions of people on this planet with a modicum of computer programming ability) but it is simply used as a marketing tool for I’m and sure has no real utility.

    I’ve noticed that his followers seem technically unsophisticated and superstitious (Christians, conspiracy theorists, etc), so focusing on the tricky to understand crypto space makes sense for him.


  12. Clif admits his silver forecasts have been bad for years. However, if you read his January 2017 Alta report, he has tomorrow’s newspaper today regarding BTC. Month by month levels, reasons for corrections, China news. I have lost money before with his predictions, but Bitcoin is right on….and, I’m far enough ahead now that any future loss will be meaningless. Name ANYONE else that gives ACTIONABLE advice! It may be that BTC is the canary in the coal mine and silver is unable to move right now, but will catch up later. That’s how I’m reading it, and that’s how I’m playing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve heard about this before. Claims that Clif’s notes (pun intended) have led some to profits. But Bitcoin, for one, could have led a puppy to profits. I have asked before and I will ask again — where is the affidavit? Where is the evidence, published prior to the date of happening — that bitcoin would rise in value on a specific dates or dates — to a specific level. How close was he? Anyone can make reasonable assumptions. I just don’t think Clif has the goods. How about some evidence? A Wayback Machine doc?


    • He did not see the December boom so his numbers are way off.


  13. Cliff High’s real name is Richard Henry Lathwell, however he uses other pseudonyms when necessary. He’s a [redacted] You might say it’s [redacted]. I’ve never in my life known such an [redacted] individual who is [redacted]. In the ten years since he [redacted] I have had absolutely [redacted] either on my computer or telephone. In plain words he’s a [redacted]. Notice that he’s not producing much new “stuff” lately. He will be [redacted] or so. I cannot express how [redacted]. As an afterthought, it is my personal belief that bitcoin is his “child”.

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  14. He talked about NEO way back when it was just Antshares. It was in one of his reports.


      • Very interesting on Clif. Let me tell you what I know and I have no webbot or psychic abilities. You remind me of a bunch of 80 plus types retired that haven’t caught up on current tech, medical research, read about crypto currency, don’t know that studies were done that prove the moon is empty. You see it was pinged and it rang for over 3 hours. And that was done 10 years ago. Your lack of research makes me think you were paid for this hit piece. You see I sit with these guys until I get sick of the shortsighted narrow minded uninformed view they have. You did not mention 1 fact in your hit piece which is the same accusation you made. I guess you didn’t know China is putting out over 40 Crypto currencies of it’s own did you?, Perhaps thats why they shut them down. I assume you know the silver market is rigged by 3 banks 2 times a day. Deautsch, USB, JP Morgan. But why would you. They were just busted for a 2nd time. Clif always is the first person to say his calls are as good as chance. I will agree it takes time to understand his reports it almost took me a year then I found myself e mailing him w/ an average of 1 hit a month. If you knew Clif’s Akido training you would know it would be impossible for him to do a pump and dump. And yes he still does his own videos. I have followed Clif and know know him. He Told me to buy Bitcoin at 13 cents I said your crazy so I put down $500.00 dollars and last month I was at $760,000. Yup he really screwed that one up. Sure of himself, yup. If you havethe balls e mail him and ask if he will chat with you. If you think your up tp it e mail me i will tell you how to conact him. Clif does not receive 1 penny from anyone he endorses but I guess you didn’t take the time to read the first page of his site. I write for a paper. You are the worst kind of writer,one that does no research. Congratulations on finding his name.


        • Interesting Robert. I never indicated that silver prices were not rigged. Just that anyone with the sense to check the debt clock can see what the “real” value of silver could be, if it was legal tender again. That’s a no-brainer. Economics is not webbot related. If Clif’s advice made you invest in BTC early, great. I knew about it before that. Before it was a penny. However, there is no evidence that ESP or hollow-moons exist. All are conspiracy theories — just as the earth is not flat. Unless you jettison all the evidence. The ringing bell moon is what happens when a object is solid. NASA researched this. Maybe you should check your sources. That’s why earth doesn’t “ring.” It has lots of liquid shock-absorbers. It’s basic geology.

          It is clear from your response “Robert” — that you don’t write for any legitimate paper. Maybe a rag. If you did, you’d cite it. Brag about it, like you bragged in your ill-conceived response — above. You remind me of another conspiracy theorist, sitting in his cold, dark basement, dreaming of New Age Tech “ESP,” but offering not a shred of evidence. The fact that “Clif” has disclaimers on his site is window dressing. You know that. Or you should. Even JPMorgan Chase has those. The difference is, Clif is like a broken “yearly” clock — right every six months. The Webbot, according to old Cliffy, is based upon “woo-woo.” Do your research. Woo-woo is B.S. and you, like every other sucker, are born into the fake-tech world of hollow moons and … wait for it … hollow earths … every day.

          I have no desire to email or interview Clif. He is (if he hasn’t already) welcome to defend himself here.

          I have, over the years, interviewed thousands of people and I don’t miss those interviews one bit. In fact, many are still behind bars because of some low-tech “real” evidence I discovered. DNA, latents, enhanced videos etc. Clif’s reports — I have his words — are pure bunk. Twisted, unclear, vague enough to mean anything and in short, printed in “snake oil” ink. Worst of all? He knows it — and you don’t.



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