Clif High: “The Charlatan”

Updated: September 19, 2017

Hello, crypto enthusiasts. Thanks for stopping by.

As usual, I’ve been scanning the net for the scoops. Watching the crypto-markets for the fizz and pop. And here’s the latest curiosity I’ve managed to dig up from the fintech ether.

And mind you, the people (person) I may cite herein may not have one of the cleanest resumes, but damned if he doesn’t get your spaz juices flowing.

He’s sort of like a preacher. Magnetic personality, but a bit high and mighty. That should warn you.

The personality I speak of is Clif High. And he’s a bit of a, how can I say this nicely — an unusual chap? But I’m not one for killing the messenger, even if he is a bit burnt, if you catch my drift. Actually, he is way past unusual and often his predictions are way off the mark.

And yet, he has a cult-like following. That should warn you — I repeat.

That’s why I’ve been chomping at the bit. Kind of mulling this whole thing over for months. Trying to align my belief in a gold backed (silver backed) monetary system with the alleged future facts (and ideas) Clif High is constantly bringing to the table.

Clif’s detractors are all over the spectrum, but many are simply fuming.

Years of $600 an ounce silver predictions, that have never materialized.

But I can’t really do it justice and I do not work for Clif. Don’t know him from Adam, as it were. Yet, the guy is able to explain, in words and ideas — in a few seconds — in a way that resonates with the listener.

  • Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) may, within the next 10 to 20 years, undo thousands of years of stagnant and centralized money control
  • This new world of crpyto can serve as a shot-in-the-arm for economies, for wealth, technological development and so on

But his often oblique remarks to explain why this is, are rather wanting. For example, why can bitcoin (or a particular cryptocurrency) succeed? Here’s what Clif implied:

  • The U.S. split from Great Britain when about 3% of the people wanted it
  • Only about 1% or less of people, now want bitcoin or cryptocurrency
  • If this margin reaches 10%, the governments of the world, which are always behind the times, will be unable to stop it

That, the iron is heating up and you may be able to make some serious cash, if you invest soon. That’s my crypto-take, but be careful of the pumpers. Clif has been accused of being a pumper many times.

These are very positive statements in a lot of ways, in my book. But based on zero facts, unless one considers a Webbot and ESP as factual.

Why does Clif seem to ignore the implications of the PBoC (People’s Bank of China)? They have been waffling for years, but recently they’ve turned over an accusatory leaf. Crypto is a financial threat, they say.

The suggestion here, and not only from me, is that Clif High or who ever he is — is a fraud. That he sells bunk and snake-oil to the hopeful people. That he mixes fact and fiction so well, the facts tend to lend him a sort of a credibility.

So we listen. Anti-gravity forklifts. They are coming.

Turkey will unleash a global financial meltdown, very soon.

Major earthquakes were suppose to have diverted rivers in North America and precipitated nuclear meltdowns in August of 2017. (Whoops, on that prediction.)

We listen to Clif’s hollow-moon babble. Just believe.

And we trust that just maybe he’s onto something about crypto’s? Swamp-land anyone?

Maybe, if you buy his reports, you’ll make millions. He appears to be rich, right? Have you seen any pictures or videos of his home(s)? His camper? His rented cabin(s)?

Maybe his Webbot thing was garbled by bad data like he said, which is why he currently focuses on cryptocurrency. Suspicious, don’t you think?

Wild and woolly nonsense. The lot of it.

I hope that Clif’s inexplicable descriptions, his references to the unusual and seemingly unproven, are not, in some ways, infecting his ability to maintain his rationality. But one needs to be rational in the first place.

As far as I can see, his “predictions” have raised eyebrows for several years now. But are his prognostications simply too general? Too crazy? Do you really need to ask yourself that question?

And his alleged Webbot? Where is it? In his brain? It’s not “open source.”

And yes, there are other experiments like the Webbot, predictive markets, and the wisdom of the crowd ideas. Estimations based upon predictions are akin to gambling, however. It is not like life a life insurance actuarial table predicting deaths per thousand, based on past data.

Clif talks about silver prices skyrocketing — for a time — constantly. This is not something new. Given the devaluation of fiat currencies worldwide, this scenario is possible, but is it probable? Could anyone with the ability to read and understand basic economics, also make this observation?

Gold is just sort of okay, as far I can judge by Clif’s statements. However, he’s not too enthusiastic about it.

New tech that will create matter from energy is only a few years away, Clif implies. So why mine gold or silver in say, 15 years — anyway? If we will be able to manufacture gold and silver with relative ease, why invest in any metal?

Potential limited nuclear wars are on the horizon. Really? Is anyone not worried that North Korea or some other rogue nation might push the button?

But by and large, the outlook is very positive, in Clif’s assessments? Really?

How can anyone be happy about earthquakes, nuclear bombs, market crashes and hollow-moons? One cannot — unless what? Unless one is not telling the truth. Unless one has created a  “Webbot” of lies.

Clif has apparently spoken about of Cloakcoin. Is he pumping it? Is he using his “cult following” to make money by influencing the crpyto-markets? That is the allegation. In fact, if you check Clif’s past, some have alleged that he has been practicing “pumping” for years.

Please — you be the judge. Give this guy a listen. Tell me that he does not, in some weird way, make you very positive about the future of our world and at the same time, make you feel that hell is about to be unleashed.

You’d better listen in and buy his reports to survive and profit — so he can. I think the reports are about $100.00 (US) each now. There are complaints about those too. Irrational babble.

Here’s a recent talk. It’s long — a YouTube interview with Clif.

The Interview.

Here’s a rebuttal video. It’s a bit abrasive.


Conclusion and my prediction without using a Webbot:

Clif’s popularity will remain among the wingnuts, but based on his continued irrational statements, the vast and silent majority, will begin to ignore his rants.

Clif has recently stopped posting his own videos, choosing instead to be interviewed. It is an effort to stop others from allegedly taking soundbites from his videos and twisting the message. Or is it something else? Perhaps pressure from video providers to stop reporting “fake news.”

Even his recent remarks about Carbon 60 consumption has been debunked by others.

And Clif mentioned that his brother had Schizotypal Personality Disorder.

Enough said.

Follow Clif at your own risk.




8 thoughts on “Clif High: “The Charlatan”

  1. Cliff High’s real name is Richard Henry Lathwell, however he uses other pseudonyms when necessary. He’s a lonley old man… You might say it’s karma. I’ve never in my life known such an evil individual who is fixated only on money and material gain. In the ten years since he invaded my life I have had absolutely no privacy, either on my computer or telephone. In plain words he’s a stalker. Notice that he’s not producing much new “stuff” lately. He will be leaving this reality in the next month or so. I cannot express how relieved I will be when he’s gone. As an afterthought, it is my personal belief that bitcoin is his “child”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Clif admits his silver forecasts have been bad for years. However, if you read his January 2017 Alta report, he has tomorrow’s newspaper today regarding BTC. Month by month levels, reasons for corrections, China news. I have lost money before with his predictions, but Bitcoin is right on….and, I’m far enough ahead now that any future loss will be meaningless. Name ANYONE else that gives ACTIONABLE advice! It may be that BTC is the canary in the coal mine and silver is unable to move right now, but will catch up later. That’s how I’m reading it, and that’s how I’m playing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard about this before. Claims that Clif’s notes (pun intended) have led some to profits. But Bitcoin, for one, could have led a puppy to profits. I have asked before and I will ask again — where is the affidavit? Where is the evidence, published prior to the date of happening — that bitcoin would rise in value on a specific dates or dates — to a specific level. How close was he? Anyone can make reasonable assumptions. I just don’t think Clif has the goods. How about some evidence? A Wayback Machine doc?


      1. Thanks Steve. Is that report available on the Wayback Machine for review? So anyone can verify Clif’s “predictions?” Or is it — like I suspect — only available to Alta Report subscribers? Verification is needed to lend credibility.


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